Friday, September 10, 2010

Details on the 31 Card Challenge

A few days ago, I mentioned that my friend Amanda & I were going to do a challenge based loosely on THIS Ummm... let's just say that clothing is not an area where I need to limit myself. In fact, Amanda has teased me about calling Stacy & Clinton from "What Not To Wear"... I prefer to call it a minimialist style! *wink* *wink* I have one purse & carry it until it falls apart, I wear the same pair of cheapy earrings every day, I could go on & on but I think you get the idea! :D This 31 challenge is all about cards & since I haven't been posting daily, my challenge is for 31 cards & not 31 days. Instead of starting on the 15th, we've decided to start on Monday.

Here are the details we've come up for the challenge:
* Purge 10 things-- (I listed 8 things on ebay last night, I'm sure at the end of this I'll have more things to list)

*Use stamp sets that we already have. This doesn't mean that we can't buy anything new, but we are trying to focus on the things that we already have.

*No repeats on stamp sets!! {Gulp!}

*Use loose glitter at least once! {shrudder!} My loose glitter may be going on ebay after this! *wink*

*Use eyelets at least once.

*Use ribbon that we bought & have never used.

Since this starts on Monday any of the stamps that I use between now & then don't count! :D

I hope to be back later today with a card.

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... until next time!


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