Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We are in Ohio for a major archery event-- JOAD Nationals. This post is mainly for Grandma! *wink*

We made it!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Only 16 hours in the car over 2 days!

You can't imagine how hard riding is!  *grin*

This is the field where we will be shooting this week.  It's a huge field, but that's also a HUGE thundercloud.

We got to go up in the arch in St. Louis.

In the tram car to go up... Kevin & I had to fit in there too!

The might Mississippi!  (And yes, those socks & shoes came off & they had to play in it.  They would have been soaked, but they knew we were going to eat after we finished!!  )


Cheryl said...

LOVE this personal post Misti! Your boys are adorable!!

kramomma said...

I'm not the grandma but I'm glad there's one that wants to see pictures!

Also...that eye is looking great...and if they ever want to walk across the Mighty Mississippi the start is in MN! Come visit anytime...summer or winter...

Shoot straight boys!

Grandma C said...

Grandma appreciates the pics- just need some more! : )