Friday, August 23, 2013

With Sympathy!

My card is on the Classy Cards 'n Such blog today.  Be sure to read down to the bottom of Beverly's post for an announcement!!  

When I made this card, we had just received word that a family friend's mom had a stroke & wasn't expected to live very long.  My parents met this family when they pastored a small town church in Oklahoma in 1977.  They have been friends with this family ever since.  When the mom had a stroke, they called my dad & asked him to officiate the service when the time came.    I normally don't make sympathy cards ahead of time, but it was so nice to be able to put this in the mail when I received word that she had passed away.

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... until next time!



Tenia Nelson said...

So so pretty!!!

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mom said...

Missed the announcement the other day - congratulations on the design team!