Thursday, January 9, 2014

When Your Mom is a Stamper... 7/100

When your mom is a stamper, she thinks she needs to make your birthday & Christmas thank you notes.  So, when you find a package of thank you notes in the store & comment, "They are only $3!",  your mom will tell you she is going to make them.  Then when you find out you are moving a few weeks before your birthday, your mom still thinks she can get your cards made.  And then you add in all of the stuff that happens every December, she still is convinced she's going to get them made.  "Do you see all of the cardstock I have??"    Then when you come in one night after archery practice & say, "Hey Mom, do you know what Bryce had to do today????  He had to write thank you notes."  Since your mom is a stamper, she decides that making a card, even though it didn't turn out like she had pictured is better than nothing.  Otherwise, it will be time for next year's thank you notes!  *roll eyes*   (This MAY be based on a true story.)

Stamps: Snowflake Stamper's Anonymous
c/s: white, kraft, navy
Ink: white
white grosgrain, natural twine

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... until next time!



MiamiKel said...

ROFL!! Hilarious story! I think it came out great - what a fun stamp this is, and looks great stamped onto the Kraft!

Paula Laird said...

I think it's darling and I'm pretty sure you can sell that book to stampers everywhere!

Angie said...

Very funny story!!! Love this simple but elegant treatment of the snowflake stamp!