Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Big Sigh....  I had the best of intentions with this card...I had every intention of getting this card made & in the mail with plenty of time to get to the birthday girl BEFORE her birthday.  As you can tell by my sighing, that didn't happen.  But... I did finish the card & it will go in the mail.  You see, I had wanted to try out a new sketch with this snowman & I couldn't find "THE RIGHT" sketch.  I have had parts of this card on my table for a couple of weeks.  Today, I had to take my son to the archery range to take some videos for his Skype coach.  He was taking forever on a couple of his shots & I said, "Commit to the shot & JUST shoot it!!!  You waiting for the perfect shot is messing up the timing."    It hit me that I was doing the exact same this with this card.  I was waiting for the perfect sketch & in the process, I messed up the timing.  The perfect sketch doesn't mean anything if the card doesn't get in the mail.  *roll eyes*

Stamp: Snowman Skater Whipper Snapper
c/s; white, gray
copics, Snowflakes ef, oval punches, wink of Stella pen

Until next time!

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Tricia T said...

Oooo - good point!! Cute card, too!