Monday, July 13, 2009

Answer to a few questions

I had several people that wanted to know "exactly" how to custom color the dewdrops & the grosgrain ribbon.

Warning: It is a little messy!!!

Dewdrops: use the clear dewdrops & take your copic marker & color onto the bottom of the dewdrop. The dewdrop will now take on that color. It does take a couple of seconds for it to dry. Now, you can buy 1 color of dewdrops & customize them to the color you need.

Grosgrain ribbon: you will need white grosgrain ribbon & your copic marker. Place something underneath the ribbon, in case it bleeds through. Color the grosgrain ribbon with the copic. It will go all the way through, so you won't need to color both sides. Let it dry for a few minutes. Again, you can now customize your ribbon to match your copic markers. I haven't tried coloring any other type of ribbon, except for the grosgrain.


Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Great tips! I color several different types of ribbon. It works well. ~ky

edith said...

Thanks for the explanation! I suspected it was a messy technique, but inky fingers is where it's at, I hear ;)