Friday, January 15, 2010


I thought the circles were straight & didn't notice it until I got ready to write the post. I have fixed it, but didn't re-take the picture. The cardstock looks a little orange on my screen, but is actually Berry Sorbet from PTI.

Today, I was reinking a Brilliant Blue ink pad & the reinker exploded ALL over the place. I have blue all over my hands. I got quite a few looks while I was in town today! Even though I have washed my hands 100 times, I still have blue on me. I've used baking soda & vinegar, I've tried finger nail polish remover, I've even tried Goo remover... it still is on my hands & rubs off onto everything I touch. White card + blue hands does not equal a good thing!!! *wink* BUT, the 1970's harvest gold marble counter top that the reinker spilled all over... yeah, it cleaned up nicely & doesn't look like anything happened!!!!

This card meets two of my goals for this year: 1) to use more of the things I have on hand. I received these butterflies from Wish Rak awhile ago. 2) to create general cards that I can have on hand to grab when someone is on my mind.

I have several challenges on my list that I hope to be able to work on tomorrow.

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... until tomorrow!


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Janice M said...

Cute card!! I have that set and need to use it! Also need to use the Berry sorbet CS more!