Saturday, January 30, 2010

You might live in southern Okla if...

you can be barefoot & shirtless (the boys would have been wearing shorts, but I wouldn't let them get any out of the storage tubs!) one day playing in 70+ degree weather & less than a week later freezing in the snow!!!

The bottom picture was taken this morning. My hubby noticed another crazy geocacher put out a new cache. He decided that they needed to go try to be the first to find on it. (If you don't know anything about geocaching, go to ) It's 20 degrees with ice & snow, I don't even know what the windchill was. Anyway, we drive 20 miles to Wal-mart... out of our way... & stop to get this geocache on the way home. The geocache was located in a cemetery & it looked like they had a water main break... there was ice all over the roads. After they located the geocache, signed the log ... they were FTF by the way! and were back in the car, we are slipping & sliding around. They said it would be funny if we got stuck in the cemetery. Mr. James would be the first one they would call, because he would appreciate the story. My guys don't have too many fishing stories, but they have all kinds of geocaching stories!!! *wink*

I think I have the hang of this new editing program. My hubby is thrilled because it's a free program... wonder if I can convince him to let me spend the money that I saved on some new stamps!!! *wink*

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

hahahaha!!! And you SHOULD tell Mr. James to come rescue you if needed.....after all he's the one who started this obsession!!! ;)