Sunday, June 19, 2011

Personal Photos

The boys had a state archery competition on Saturday. It was *only* a few degrees over 100*. It was a walking course... it was the first one of this kind that we have done. The path was kept really nice, but on the sides of the path, it had grown up a little. I love the picture of Dylan with his "game face" on. He was focused on the next target. The target that the boys are shooting at is called a "hunter's target". It was one of the 3 rounds that they had to shoot. They had a lot of fun. In fact, they were ready for more... I on the other hand was glad that they were finished!!! :D
They were in a group
with 3 other kids. There were only 2 of the kids that competed against each other & they were super about being a good sport. We are waiting on the scores to be published to see if they broke any state records.

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