Monday, August 27, 2012

Orange Polka Dot Ribbon

This story is a stamper's version of "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"... (the names have been purposefully left out to protect the guilty!!!  bwhahahahaha!!!)

Some of you know that orange is one of my Top 3 least favorite colors, so you may be wondering how on earth I would end up with ribbon of such a color in my possession,  you are nodding your heads, right???!!!    It's what happens when you are in a craft store & the ribbon is 40% off & you aren't shopping by yourself.  When the phrases, "but it's on sale!"  and "it will go with something" are mentioned by your oh, so helpful enabling friends, that you go ahead & pick up a spool of orange & white polka dot ribbon & put it in your cart.  Fast forward a few years... yes, I just typed years, I'm not going to mention how many exactly... we'll just go with years...  *wink*   I'm going through my ribbon storage wondering just how I could have so much ribbon & yet not the right colors. I decided that since I'm participating in a "No Spend August" that it would be a good time to use some of this oh, so lovely ribbon.  That's how it ended up on this card.  I told a few people participating in the challenge with me that it was my goal to use some of the ribbon this week.  So I achieved my goal... but do you know how much ribbon is left on the spool?????  I really think they put more ribbon on this spool than they do of my favorite colors.  They do it on purpose, I'm just sure of it!!!  *grin*

I can't promise when I will pull this out for another card, but I have plenty left.

Stamps: Calendar Set 3 Flourishes
C/S: white, Ripe Avocado
DP: Ripe Avocado
Copics, orange & white polka dot ribbon, circle nestabilities, Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... until next time!



Anonymous said...

I think you made a "lovelee" choice of color combos to put with this pumpkin colored ribbon! Great choice of flower to combine with the swiss dots that pull this card into another "lovelee" combination!

Also...I can wasn't me but would have been glad for the memoree!

Paula Laird said...

I can make a guess who that friend might be! :) But she was right because it does look super cute on this card!

Melissa said...

Eeeek! LOVE that ribbon! Orange is one of my favorites...never used to be, but grew on me over time and now I adore it! :)

Your card is wonderful! I never would have put those two colors together, but WOW!! Now I may just have to try it!

Oh, and with autumn coming up, you may just be able to use that ribbon up yet! LOL!

mollymoo951 said...

Misti - what a lovlee color combo! and I love that pumpkin dotted ribbon! it's great for fall themed items! "wink"

Janeen said...

So I love this card as I love orange. Great way to pull this off w a color you don't personally like....let's see, what can I trade you for it? Lol