Friday, February 19, 2010

Pink Gerbera Daisies

A friend called me while she was standing in a hospital gift shop. She started off the conversation by asking me if I still stamped. (just a little! *wink* ) Then she wants to know if I have a stamp with flowers in a vase. She went on to describe a card to me & wanted to know if I could make it. I have such a hard time visualizing stuff... I have no idea if this card is even close to the one she saw, but it is my interpretation of it.

Stamps: Purr-fectly Delightful Gina K.
C/S: Sweet Blush, Black, White
copics, black gingham ribbon, black pearls

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... until tomorrow!


On a personal note:
My little guy was sick today. He got out of school work today & was quite content to lay on the couch... on the dog WITH the remote! I think males are born with the controlling remote gene!!! *wink*

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Do you have an Italian Greyhound??