Monday, April 29, 2013

Wanna See???

Wanna see what I've been up to??! Are you sure??? Positive??? Okay, I'll show you!! *wink*

This Friday night is the beginning of "The Dog Days of Summer" vsn on Splitcoaatstampers. I took the cardstock, dp, images & my copics with me over the weekend. The plan: Kevin would go with the boys to the HUGE 3-D shoot & I would stay in the hotel & get images colored, cards put together. I only need 11 cards this week! (Not all are for vsn). roll eyes!!!!!! Well... The plan Did.Not.Happen. Like we planned...  At.All!!!! It's all good though... I'm getting up an hour earlier to get these cards cranked out!!!

I'm workin', it's just top secret right now!!! *grin*

A card a day keeps the mojo flowin'... Until next time!

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Anonymous said...


And there isn't even a purple sheet of paper in those pictures either...

Now that is really not fair!